Create A Unique Look with Surf Wall Decor

Everyone has some form of art in their home decor. It can be a painting, a poster, a print, or maybe even something sculptural. Art can be a quilted blanket that was hand sewn, or a carved wooden table. Art can come in many shapes and forms, and nobody understands this concept better than surfboard artist Carolyn Johnson. With her uncanny ability to create beautiful artwork out of recycled materials, she has created a wide selection of surfboard wall decor.  

These pieces are made from recycled surfboards that are cleaned and painted, creating truly one-of-a-kind elements for any home. Not only are these pieces of artwork beautiful, but they are lightweight. This makes it easy to hang in any room of the house. All of the available surfboard wall decor can be hung horizontally or vertically, depending on the needs of your room, and work well in both formats. Read More



While many of the surfboard wall art creations have calming colors including greens, grays, whites, and blues, no two surfboards are exactly the same. This is because Carolyn Johnson creates an original piece of art with every single piece of surfboard art for sale.

If surfboards are not your cup of tea, Carolyn also offers similar pieces on skateboards and wooden panels. Whatever space you need to fill, you can find a piece from the Carolyn Johnson Gallery that will work perfectly.