WHO IS Carolyn johnson?

The beauty of art is that I speak to you through creating and you listening through viewing. Art lets me tell my own original story – through subject, colors and layout. Since I was young, I have had a passion filled by only by art. My collectors say my art emotes calm, inspiration, peace and serenity. Who could ask for more?

Carolyn Collections

Explore the various phases and art subjects that Carolyn has created. From early beginnings of her “Etheral Art” seen in ornaments and prints to “Nature Art” exploring the beauty of trees and plants to her “Coastal Art” showing the outstanding beauty of the ocean.

Custom Original Made Just For You
Commissioned Artwork

Carolyn specializes in custom surfboard art and “four-cornered” pieces. The process is entirely collaborative. When you commission any kind of work with her, you become a co-creator. When determining the color palette for the emotion you are looking to elicit, Carolyn acts as your guide and then delivers artwork that satisfies on many different levels. Her customers range from individuals and families to commercial and home decor designers.

Sunday, May 15th / 9am - 5pm

Carolyn Johnson Art Show

I will be showing my LATEST collection of beautiful recycled/upcycled surfboard art! Seems they are getting better all the time...the only thing missing is seeing all of you...so please come out to say "hello"!