The Ocean:
My Creative Flow


enchanted by the sea—its boundless beauty, the soothing movements of the ocean.


Creative Beginnings

In 2013, after a lifetime of studying and creating art as my passion, I decided to focus on art full-time, with the hope of becoming a professional artist. I started putting together a body of work and attending art shows all around Southern California. 

At this time, I was painting backgrounds with vividly colorful line work over the top. The bright color palette meant my work in this style was generally sold as small, accessory wall art and seldom as large, focal, “above the fireplace” pieces. 

I knew I needed to shift my approach. 

I began creating paintings of trees on four-cornered surfaces, still using my line technique. These tree paintings got me accepted into the Festival of Arts Fine Art Show in Orange County, CA.

Part II.

Uncharted Waters

Each day, the long car journey to the festival included a beautiful ride along the ocean. Looking out at the sea, I was so struck by its vastness and tranquility. It dawned on me, 

“This is the inspiration I’ve been looking for—I need to paint the ocean.”

From that point on, I was a coastal artist. I began experimenting with resin-marbling, Softcarving, layering of different materials, and the incorporation of mixed media (acrylic paints, ink blends, gels, and metallics)—building and perfecting a set of techniques that would soon form my signature style.

Part III.

The Calling

When ArtReach first challenged me to turn a damaged, destined-for-landfill surfboard into a work of art I was intimidated.
I lost myself for hours in the laborious process of scraping and sanding. But looking at the repaired board, I was blown away by the transformation. 

My first board was a hit at the charity's auction. 
But more importantly, I found my calling.
Read my journey to Sustainability…

How it Started

Above the Fireplace

Now, when I glimpse my surfboard art mounted as the centerpiece above a client’s fireplace, I have to pause to take it in.

When I meet the joy shining through a collector’s eyes as they connect deeply with my interpretation of the sea’s mystery and power, I know that every creative twist in my path was worth it.

My greatest hope is that, through admiring my love letter to the ocean, your mind stills, your breath deepens, and your gaze turns within. Perhaps you’ll discover glints of iridescent inspiration and begin to unearth hidden currents swirling within. 
Let my waves sweep you on a journey

Elements of my Signature Style


Retired surfboards and birchwood panels


Acrylics, Ink blends, Metallics, and Resin


Layering, Splashing, Marbling and Soft-carving

Final Piece

The final art has depth, beauty, and emotion. With an interplay of colors and textures, each creates a unique story.


Sustainable Artistry

My passion for sustainable art began at an ArtReach auction, where I was tasked with transforming discarded surfboards into art treasures. Being a coastal artist, I was drawn to the harmony of applying my ocean-centric style to an ocean-faring vessel. It felt like the perfect way to honor nature by creating art from something destined for a landfill.

It's a labor of love, but rescuing discarded surfboards from their landfill doom, restoring them, and breathing into them new life as beautiful, ecologically sustainable art: this is my mission, my passion, and my purpose. 

Final Touches: To complete my artwork, I add a meaningful and inspiring title.

A Life in Art and Purpose

My devotion to art and the coast has not gone unnoticed.

Let my art add a splash of sea to your space. Shop my Surfboard Art and Coastal Art Collections.