The Perfect Bedroom Wall Surf Art

Many people escape to their home to unwind and relax after a long day. Using soothing and relaxing wall art can help to create a relaxing environment to allow your mind to settle after a long day. The Carolyn Johnson Gallery is proud to offer several different pieces that will give you that relaxed feeling that you long for after a long day.  

Choose from wood panel art, surfboard art, or even skateboard art. All of the art pieces feature soothing and relaxing images of coastal life, ocean and surfboard art images. There is a range of images with waves, abstract patterns reminiscent of the water, or calming nature images. Her surf art can help to completely transform a space and allow your brain to relax at the end of the day. 
Carolyn Johnson uses a variety of paints and inks to create the colors and shapes in her artwork. These paints and inks are layered and combined carefully with coats of resin, gradually building a unique image. These layers give the image a three dimensional aspect that brings interest and excitement to the various elements of the art.  

The Carolyn Johnson Gallery has many different paintings available for purchase so that you are able to find just the right artwork for your home. Whether you want surf art on natural wood paneling or surfboard art images created from recycled materials, you can find that perfect masterpiece that will bring you peace and serenity among Carolyn’s creations. 


Welcome to Carolyn Johnson Gallery, where we invite you to explore our vibrant collection of surf art that captures the essence of surfing culture and coastal living. Whether you're a dedicated surfer, an admirer of the ocean's beauty, or simply looking to infuse your space with a sense of adventure and freedom, our gallery offers a diverse range of surf wall art pieces that are sure to inspire.

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Our surf wall art collection features a dynamic array of artworks that celebrate the exhilaration and serenity of riding the waves. From classic vintage surf art pieces that evoke nostalgia for the golden era of surfing to modern interpretations that blend bold colors and abstract forms, each piece is carefully curated to reflect the passion and artistry of surf culture.

Vintage Surf Art: Nostalgia and Classic Appeal

Step back in time with our vintage surf art collection, where iconic images and retro designs transport you to the heyday of surfing. These artworks capture the timeless allure of surf culture, from nostalgic beach scenes to vintage advertisements and retro surfboards. Perfect for adding a touch of history and character to your space, our vintage surf art pieces are cherished by collectors and surf enthusiasts alike.

Surf Board Wall Art: Functional Beauty

Combine artistry with functionality with our surf board wall art options. These unique pieces are crafted from actual surfboards, transformed into stunning canvases that showcase original artwork or intricate designs. Whether displayed in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors, surf board wall art adds a distinctive touch of coastal charm and adventure to any environment.

Modern Surf Art: Contemporary Expressions

Embrace the spirit of contemporary surf culture with our modern surf art collection. Featuring bold colors, innovative techniques, and abstract compositions, these artworks capture the energy and excitement of surfing in a fresh and dynamic way. Perfect for adding a modern edge to your home or office space, our modern surf art pieces appeal to those who appreciate cutting-edge design and artistic innovation.

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Visit Carolyn Johnson Gallery online or in-person to explore our comprehensive surf art collection. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your beach house, a thoughtful gift for a surfing enthusiast, or simply a beautiful artwork to inspire your everyday life, our gallery offers a curated selection that reflects the diversity and richness of surf art.

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At Carolyn Johnson Gallery, we are committed to providing exceptional quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect surf art piece that resonates with your personal style and enhances your space. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of surf art, we offer personalized service and expert guidance to ensure your experience with us is memorable and fulfilling.

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Ready to explore the world of surf art? Visit Carolyn Johnson Gallery today or browse our website to discover our surf wall art, vintage surf art, surf board wall art, and modern surf art collections. Let us help you find the perfect pieces to celebrate the spirit of surfing and bring the beauty of the ocean into your life. Experience the thrill of surf art at Carolyn Johnson Gallery—where passion meets creativity.

What really sets Carolyn Johnson artwork apart from anything else is the dimensional effect of her surfboard art decor. While most canvas paintings are flat, utilizing oil or acrylic paint, the artwork created by Carolyn Johnson emerges forth from the wall in a striking manner. By utilizing up to 8 layers of paints and resin, and combining a unique blend of acrylics, inks, and metallics, she creates depth in her artwork.

To see the originality and beauty of her surfboard art decor, visit the Carolyn Johnson Gallery. There, you’ll have the chance to purchase your own original piece of artwork and share these serene, beautiful pieces with every visitor of your home or business.

Awards & Achievements

My devotion to art and the coast has not gone unnoticed

Laguna Beach Vibe Favorites - 2022

Curated Coastal Magazine - 2022

Ocean Institute - 2022

DANA Point Utility Box Art Program - 2022

Balboa Island Artwalk-Kudos Magazine "Best of Show” - 2019

This is my very first surfboard award!! I remember being shocked since I didn’t even know they gave awards away at the show. There are 5 businesses that make the “Best of Show” selections.

The Balboa Island Artwalk is 1 mile of artists (about 100) and 3 bands along the way. It is a fun day in the sun (usually – that’s another story). Setup begins at 6 am so we would always get there at 5 because Balboa Island is also known for very narrow streets with houses practically joined together with very little parking. I have been to some of these houses and “they are beautiful”. It sits in the bay and has this wonderful walkway with a short breakwater wall which is also a bench - all around the edge of the island.

In addition to getting my picture in the local Newport Beach newspaper, KUDOS MAGAZINE gifted me with free advertising. (First add created for my surfboards).

Surfers Healing - 2022

ArtReach - First Surfboard - 2019

The first surfboard I did is this one. I named the board “AWAKEN” because I really felt the creativity of working on Recycled Surfboards to AWAKEN my calling to a new art direction. Now over 400 boards later…I was right.
I used my SOFTCARVING TECHNIQUE, METALLICS, ACRYLICS, SHELLS and RESIN. I painted the “fin” side of the board since I didn’t know there were other options – like cutting them off so that the board could lay flatter on the wall. But if I cut them off this would never have happened…on the left bottom the design look like the noses of orca whales and the fins look like they are on the orcas!! I was sooooo lucky to pull this off. Whew!

AIA Artwalk Special Citation Award-Surfboard Perfect Peace” - 2022

Festival of Arts Fashion Show - 2022

Featured Artist - 2018

I was named as the Featured Artist for the 16th annual event featuring  200 juried artists from 25 countries, 20 states, and prestigious institutions. My celestial mixed media painting Midnight Bloom (39"w x 54"h) commissioned as the festival s commemorative print. Midnight Bloom captures the splendor of the desert night sky and blooming cacti against a glowing galaxy. Inspired by the sense of connectedness in the universe and nature.