Original and Beautiful Custom Surfboards Art

Wall art has a way of bringing life and movement to a room. When chosen carefully, it brings emotion and beauty into a space that might otherwise feel barren and empty. Surf artist Carolyn Johnson, takes wall art to a whole new level by creating eye-catching surfboard art decor. These custom surfboard masterworks come in a wide range of designs to bring serenity, peace, and beauty into your personal or shared space.  

With a creative eye and a passion for art, Carolyn Johnson creates artwork that gets at the core of what’s soothing and appealing about the surf. Her custom surfboards are truly one of a kind, but you can also get this beautiful artwork created on wood panels. These artworks can be made to fit any size, and usually stand about two inches away from the wall. Wood panel art can also be used with or without a frame, which is entirely up to the preferences and tastes of the buyer. Read More


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What really sets Carolyn Johnson artwork apart from anything else is the dimensional effect of her surfboard art decor. While most canvas paintings are flat, utilizing oil or acrylic paint, the artwork created by Carolyn Johnson emerges forth from the wall in a striking manner. By utilizing up to 8 layers of paints and resin, and combining a unique blend of acrylics, inks, and metallics, she creates depth in her artwork.

To see the originality and beauty of her surfboard art decor, visit the Carolyn Johnson Gallery. There, you’ll have the chance to purchase your own original piece of artwork and share these serene, beautiful pieces with every visitor of your home or business.