What inspires my art?

"Who doesn’t love the ocean? Its vastness humbles us. Its beauty helps us find peace. Its strength helps us find our own."

NATURE: When I am out in nature my mind clears. It is here I get my best ideas, can solve problems and find inspiration. I may be one small component but I feel significant. So nature is the subject of all of my art.

INTERACTION: I want my art to interact with you - to awaken your senses and inspire you. My role as artist is to give you something to appreciate. The thing I find most notable is that I can do it without you knowing anything about me – my art speaks for me.

MESSAGING: While the art has its visual message to you – the titles have a tangible message. I hope to emote inspiration and purpose though the titles. My philosophy is that we have multiple types of interactive relationships. First with ourselves, next with significant others and most importantly - with our God. The titles can be viewed from each of these perspectives…each creating a different narrative.

PURPOSE: We all need a purpose in our lives. That one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. Mine is art and the opportunity to create something beautiful and share it.