Let my



Browse my catalog of coastal and surfboard art, each piece echoing the sight, sound, and spirit of the sea.

Coastal Art

Like waves shaping the ever-changing yet timeless shoreline, I sculpt colors and textures capturing coastal landscapes; above the waves, below the sea.

Surfboard Art

The transformative strength of the sea lives on through my recycled surfboard art, turning retired boards into creative works of art

Art Consultation

Let my creative vision guide you towards the perfect sustainable creation to complement your coastal aesthetic.

Through an intimate design consultation, I will learn about your unique vision and style. I will then curate a commissioned custom artwork that breathes life into your space. 

Gifting Inspiration

Gift fellow ocean enthusiasts with one-of-a-kind art pieces echoing the tranquil sights, rhythmic sounds, and free-flowing spirit of the sea.

I would be delighted to reimagine discarded items into a meaningful, sustainable memento that captures a shared love for the waves and ocean life.