Little did I know that the day I showed up to Catherine’s house that things would evolve so quickly. Not only did she have a beautiful home – she had WALL SPACE and she wanted to consider a few pieces. When I got beyond the amazing views - we started to talk. She was asking for ideas. Since I have 4 cornered art as well as Recycled Surfboard art … I had to stay focused.

We took on the Recycled Surfboard Art first. She had the perfect guest room for a board…easy? until I found out she had purchased a LONGBOARD at an auction 10- years prior…”now this is going to be fun”. The board is huge measuring 108” x 23”.

Upon placing the unpainted board digitally for her over the bed so we could see the impact in the room - we realized “this is really going to be a statement”. Next step…establish a color palette. Now I was on my way. She wanted rich blues, movement in the waves and some brown/bronze tones to match her mother chest that was in the room. You can really appreciate the end result when you see the blank I started with.