Surfboard Art

Recycled and Repurposed

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Recycled Surfboard Cleanup Process

I love giving discarded boards a new purpose, but it comes with a cost as I have a whole process in place. Sure, it would be easier to buy pristine blank boards, but for me, part of the art is reviving each weathered piece.


Ecologically Sustainable Art

While I stumbled upon sustainable surfboard artistry by destiny, my inner artist beckoned me never to look back. What started off as a charity auction painting ended up becoming my ultimate artistic calling.


Thoughtful Creative Guidance

With decades of expertise, I help you build an inspired space where your new treasure can live creatively and meaningfully.


Save the Dolphins

We have over 400,000 common dolphins off the coast of Southern California. The major and deadliest threats to dolphins and their natural habitat comes from Pollution, Climate Change and Tou...