What are you supposed to do with that big vacant wall in your house? There is no one solution to this age-old interior design puzzle.


There are countless ways to decorate a blank canvas, and the best choice will depend on the space available, the amount of empty space you need to fill, whether or not the wall has windows, whether or not you plan to place furniture against it, how much work you want to put into it, and, of course, your personal preferences.

In this vein, a few wall decoration suggestions can get your creative juices flowing. Continue reading for advice, ideas, and pointers from Carolyn, the renowned surfboard artist in the US.

On one hand, a big blank wall is a chance to exercise your imagination. On the other hand, starting from scratch necessitates a little more careful consideration and strategic preparation.

There's a strong chance that while reading through these well-picked wall décor ideas, you'll find something that speaks to you, from peel-and-stick wallpaper and imitation stone to floating shelves and large, extensive art pieces. So let's get going!

Here are our top five suggestions for wall art decor for your house.

1.  Extensive Living room wall art

You should definitely consider hanging a large wall decoration if your living area has high ceilings. The most crucial consideration when looking at enormous art is that it is to-scale, or that it corresponds to the size of your wall. Any painting, spread, or mural would do. You could also hang a large surfboard wall art decor to add a hint of the sea.

2.  Gallery Wall

Finding large enough works of art to cover an empty wall might be challenging. As a result, make a gallery wall rather than using one or two major items. Make sure each piece has something in common, such as all-natural wood frames, artwork with neutral tones, or black-and-white photographs, to avoid a mismatched, cluttered appearance. Carefully picked coastal art pieces of complementary size could do the trick.

3.  The Threes Rule

According to the "rule of threes" in interior design, groups of three (or other odd numbers) are more aesthetically pleasing than even numbers. By hanging a three-piece collection of framed art in your living room, you may embrace this idea. You can check out these nature art pieces or coastal art and group them together.

4.  Internal Bookcases

A wall in the living room can be beautifully decorated with built-in bookcases. Consider stocking the shelves with monochromatic or only neutral-colored books for a sophisticated, unified aesthetic look.

5.  Basic Surfboard Art Decor

Why not hang a surfboard if you reside near the ocean or simply enjoy beachy home decor? Without going overboard, a simple design (without patterns or vibrant colors) might provide the desired effect.

I hope these ideas will help you recreate, reimagine, and redesign your home, just as it deserves to be.