A thing of beauty is a joy forever” - John Keats

There is nothing more calming than a trip to the beach, with its calming sounds of crashing waves and calming scent of clean salt air. Simply said, being in a serene, beautiful environment has a calming, revitalizing effect on the soul. Therefore, it is understandable why people would drive great distances to visit the beach for a holiday.

A seaside walk, in my opinion, is unlike any other scenic gateway, because it is influenced both by the breezy and constant vistas of the sea and by the ancient footsteps of people just like us.

It's a terrific opportunity to "live in the present" and contemplate nature, and it also serves as a great source of inspiration for the coastal art collection. In my coastal paintings, I strive to portray the sense of being part of the combined sea and land.

With her seaside artwork, Carolyn Johnson portrays the sensation of the ocean and the priceless memories made at the beach. You can locate a work of coastal art that really appeals to you in the Carolyn Johnson Gallery, which offers a variety of possibilities. Each work of art is unique, giving you the chance to claim a one-of-a-kind creation from a gifted and imaginative artist.


The stunning aquatic magic is a universe of its own. Fish migrate together as a group, in a pattern, and in motion as they travel to an unknown destination. Iridescent contrasts and rich teal blues change into metallic blues; flowing and bringing everyone together as it should be.

⦁ Eco-friendly and sustainable resin topping
⦁ A premium wood panel with sides that are 2.5" white.
⦁ Ready to hang either vertically or horizontally.

In the calm ocean, white waves are drifting to shore.

White water froth is quite volatile. This ocean-themed artwork features a spectrum of depth created by rich light blues, deep navy blues, and teal underneath. Waves and metallic colors glisten as shadows are cast by the light.

⦁ Designed on a wood panel with sides that are 2" deep.
⦁ Acrylics, inks, resin, and metallics.
⦁ Eco-friendly, sustainable resin topping
⦁ Ready to hang either vertically or horizontally.


Blues across the spectrum since the painting's depth emerges. Moving through the depths of the sea we are aware of the currents. Brilliant lines on the horizon serve as a reminder of the now-setting sun. The motion of the waves is breathtaking as they lap the coast and kiss the sand. As we transition to a new day, our lives remain anchored. Resin clouds in the sky and wave-like textures below present the perfect mirage of color and texture.

⦁ A fine wood panel with sides that are 2" white.
⦁ Ready to be hung.

Choose from a variety of beach-themed artworks at the  Carolyn Johnson Gallery for a tranquil addition to your house. Every piece of art she creates is one-of-a-kind and unique, just like every wave that crashes. Look through the available artwork at the Carolyn Johnson Gallery and discover her serene and cool paintings that will infuse your house or place of business with a sense of tranquility.