ART: Picture of ocean kelp swaying in the sea with schools of small fish swimming between them. 

ORNAMENT: The jeweled frame adorns the canvas inset image and looks very elegnant with the silk ribbon hanger. Each comes in a decorative gift box with the LIFE STORY insert.

LIFE STORY: It’s too perfect. The sway of kelp and the uniformity of fish in perfect movement. Jetting quickly left and right as though they are following the same sheet of music. Nature has a sequence and basic purpose that is easy to understand. Our human complexity, lack of uniformity, inability to move in sequence with each other and the independent directions we go in may seem diametrically opposed at times to what nature offers. What it provides us with is the ability to excel in our own talent, pursue our desires, strength and purpose. Our ultimate calling is to reach out to others and pass on the lessons learned - to grow a future that we all can flourish in.