ETHEREAL Collection I


5 CARD and ENVELOPE SET: Cards are printed on Fine Art Satin/Luster premium-quality, resin-coated inkjet photo paper. Each card measures 8.5”x 5.5 and are on metallic cards stock. Write with sharpie pen for best results. Envelopes included. Packaged in clear plastic container.

LIFE STORY (A New Beginning): How many times do you wish you could hit the ”reset” button and start over? Seems impossible. But in a life of love it is possible. In a life of forgiveness it is doable. The secret is letting go and accepting your flaws, imperfections and areas where you fall short. When you learn to do this you do hit the “reset” button and give yourself the ability to push up off the ground and stand up again.

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LIFE STORY (IN MY GARDEN): Most gardens are planned and prepped – weeded and plowed – organized and planted. What is planted thrives or dies depending on its location for nourishment. “In My Garden” is an invitation to be in the most perfect of places where the sun shines, the water glistens and the plants thrive. A surreal place of beauty where time stands still. Be in that place, be with that moment, enjoy the surreal…and maybe, one day, you will find that you live there.

LIFE STORY (IN MY GARDEN II): Soothing waters, running deep create a climate of peace and calm. Life isn’t always like that. But what we do hope at a minimum is that we can observe and embrace the current elements in our life. Then through that emotional lens, we can understand them... translating to calm and peace. Seek first to understand…then to be understood. In that lies the key to a foundation of happiness.

LIFE STORY (LIVING WATERS): Koi are an amazing fish. They will grow in direct association to the amount of space they have. The best potential for growth is a large pond with good water. Most Koi pods have no intruders or rival fish that could eat them or threaten their environment. We also can grow best in clean waters with no intruders, a good environment and a caretaker that knows are needs. Rarely is that our situation. So you need to create your own living waters and walk away from unfriendly situations that challenge your peace and safety.

LIFE STORY (ONLY HAPPY TEARS): I was walking one cold winter day when I opened a gate…looking down I saw a hummingbird that had probably hit the gate and with the extreme cold started to freeze before it could recover. There was a slight movement in the very tiny breast. I picked him up. So soft and so very tiny in my cupped hand. I breathed my warm breath time and time again to try to resuscitate him. Finally, there was a stir. I opened my hand. Then with a sudden jolt he was up, about 2 feet from my head with what seemed like an eternity. I teared … for his hover was a kiss, a thank you.