Calm and Soothing Coastal Art

There is nothing more relaxing than a trip to the seaside, with the soothing smell of the crisp salt air, and the relaxing sounds of the crashing waves. The peacefulness and beauty of the world around you simply has a way of energizing the soul and relaxing the mind. It is no wonder then why people will travel far and wide to take a vacation at the beach. 

Carolyn Johnson captures the feel of the ocean and the unforgettable memories formed at the beach with her coastal art. With a range of options available in the Carolyn Johnson Gallery, you can find a piece of coastal art that truly speaks to you. Each piece of art is completely original, offering you a unique chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork from a talented and creative artist. 
Carolyn Johnson specializes in utilizing surfboards and skateboards as recycled materials, painted with a unique blend of  acrylics, inks, and metallics to create depth in her artwork. Many pieces of her ocean art include the image of gentle waves lapping over the beach. There is something unique about each and every wave, but yet each wave continues where the last left off in a comforting, endless cycle. If you are trying to bring back a piece of your cherished vacation, Carolyn Johnson’s beach art might be the best choice for you.  

The Carolyn Johnson Gallery has several beach art pieces to choose from, providing a calming and soothing piece of art for your home. Her beach art is all unique and original, just as each crashing wave is different. Browse the available art pieces at the Carolyn Johnson Gallery and explore her cool and vibrant  paintings that will bring a sense of calmness to your home or office. 

What really sets Carolyn Johnson artwork apart from anything else is the dimensional effect of her surfboard art decor. While most canvas paintings are flat, utilizing oil or acrylic paint, the artwork created by Carolyn Johnson emerges forth from the wall in a striking manner. By utilizing up to 8 layers of paints and resin, and combining a unique blend of acrylics, inks, and metallics, she creates depth in her artwork.

To see the originality and beauty of her surfboard art decor, visit the Carolyn Johnson Gallery. There, you’ll have the chance to purchase your own original piece of artwork and share these serene, beautiful pieces with every visitor of your home or business.